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Ownership of Bristol-based film company Aardman transferred to its workforce

Visitors to this site sometimes open the worker co-operatives directory which gives a few examples of co-ops financed by employee buyouts. On rare occasions the owner has given the company to its workers, for instance the company now known as … Continue reading

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomes profit-sharing and employee-ownership

Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at Essex Business School’s Centre for Global Accountability, opened a recent article by reflecting that corporations, such as BHS, are being run entirely in the interests of executives and shareholders, with little concern for anyone else. … Continue reading

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Common ownership: stability and commitment

Godric Bader and the Scott Bader Commonwealth were jointly awarded the Gandhi Foundation’s Peace Award in recognition of their alternative business model. An attender wrote: “The House of Lords event was marvellous – packed to the rafters (apparently the largest … Continue reading

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