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Edgar Parnell: the need for co-operative intervention

Edgar Parnell, former chief executive of the Plunkett Foundation, now a Foundation Fellow, writes in the Co-operative News about markets crying out for co-operative interventions to address critical problems all over the world. In Britain, for example, he lists: the … Continue reading

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The Co-op Bank has been brought into line with the other big banks

 . In this extract from a recent blog, David Boyle (New Economics Foundation), writes: The reason I stay with (the Co-operative Bank), despite the recent revelations, is because the Save Our Bank campaign has told me to wait and see … Continue reading

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Credit union practitioners are better fitted to educate the young

On a sister site came a comment on the amazing news (FT Money) that banks are to be invited into schools to educate children  . . . it ended: “Financial education – and lessons in the art of form-filling until … Continue reading

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