Edgar Parnell

Edgar Parnell has spent a lifetime working in co-operatives and mutuals of many forms and types. He has worked in more than forty different countries with a wide range of businesses, charities, non-governmental organisations and government institutions at local, national, regional and international levels. A former Chief Executive of the Plunkett Foundation, he is now a Foundation Fellow and an independent consultant.

Edgar’s latest book, ‘Co-operation, the key to human progress’, has been reviewed in the Co-operative News.

Some extracts, showing his keen awareness of the problems facing large co-operative organisations and recommended solutions, will be presented on the home page of this website in due course.

The review: March 28 2011 

Co-operation needs to be recognised as ‘the beautiful idea’ that is the key to human progress. This is the message from a book launched by co-operative writer and consultant Edgar Parnell.

‘Co-operation — the beautiful idea’ is based on Mr Parnell’s lifetime of working in and supporting the development of co-operatives and mutuals worldwide.

The book aims to explain in a simple easy-to-read style why co-ops and mutuals are a better form of business and what those involved in the sector need to do to ensure they reach their full potential.

Said Mr Parnell: “Few ideas can justify being described as beautiful, but co-operation is surely beautiful both in terms of its simplicity and how it creates a combined effect which adds value to human endeavour.

“This  publication aims to help people understand why co-operation is a beautiful idea; why it is the key to human progress and what existing co-operatives and mutuals need to do to ensure they play a part in a more co-operative future.”

Peter Couchman, Chief Executive of the Plunkett Foundation, said: “Edgar Parnell’s new publication is a timely reminder of the importance and potential of co-operatives and mutuals globally.  The current economic uncertainty has led many to look at co-operatives and mutuals for the first time and increasingly people and communities are seeing them as a beautiful idea that can help improve their lives.”

• To view the first chapter for free, and either purchase a printed version or an ebook, visit: s.coop/xyj. For bulk purchases over ten copies, contact the Plunkett Foundation at: www.plunkett.co.uk.

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