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. From ‘A History of Small Heath’: 6 March 2010 Alan Clawley – also co-founder and mainstay of the only independent credit union in Birmingham – summarised: During the 70s the City Council developed a new Urban Renewal approach to … Continue reading

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March visitors: Co-operative Bank, Roger Sawtell, Worker Co-ops

  People from 9 countries visited the site in March.  TOP POSTS       o  

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Save our Bank’s priorities

In the last Save our Bank newsletter over 400 members voted on the priorities for the Customer Union for Ethical Banking in 2018. The results were analysed and the main conclusion drawn was that making sure the Co-op Bank’s Ethical Policy stays … Continue reading

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The Fig Tree has become a co-operative

o Bruce Crowther began campaigning for Oxfam in 1984 in his spare time. He worked as a vet and persuaded residents and local businesses in Garstang, a small market town, to make a commitment to Fairtrade. Garstang declared itself the … Continue reading

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London’s Worker Co-ops

This interesting website, encountered by chance, focusses on London’s worker co-ops. Some are well established businesses run in line with co-op ethics, values and principles. They are worker-owned and controlled, providing a wide variety of services and products to members and … Continue reading

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Risk online banking? The Co-operative Bank’s alternative

As Co-operative Bank branches (and those of several other banks) close in several areas, including Swindon, Warrington, Taunton and Tunstall (above), customers are directed in two directions: to stand in long queues and pay in and draw out money at … Continue reading

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February event: co-operatives take up Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge

. On Friday 16 February from 9.45am – 4.30pm, co-operatives will gather to take up Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge of providing a clear strategy to create a dynamic, sustainable co-operative Britain.  The organiser, Co-operative Business Consultants is a co-operative consortium of … Continue reading

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