Architects Design Partnership employee ownership eclipses ‘Trumpton and Mayhem’ !

Architects Design Partnership (ADP), founded in 1965, now has a base in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and studios in Delhi, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford and Sherborne.

adp1-2As the first step on the journey to becoming employee owned, LLP converted to ADP Architecture Ltd. It had adopted an employee ownership structure and the majority of the shares in the company, transferred to an Employee Owned Trust, will be held in trust for all of ADP’s employees giving them a genuine say in the direction of the practice.

Opting for indirect share ownership, which places shares into an Employee Ownership Trust, ensures employees have an immediate impact on the future running of the business, while provisions have been made to protect its long-term stability. Indirect share ownership also removes the need to buy back shares if an employee chooses to move on from the business.

David Heslop, managing director of ADP, who has overall responsibility for financial operation and business development, said: “Choosing a corporate form that improves employee engagement and retention and makes succession less of a problem is vital. For ADP, employee ownership was the obvious choice.”

adp2-meonstokeADP development in Meonstoke Hampshire

Gary Davie, head of employee ownership at ADP’s legal advisers Shakespeare Martineau, emphasises, “The key thing to bear in mind is that employee-owned businesses will still need a strong and effective management team to guide decision-making and this is why ADP has chosen to appoint an employee director to the management board.”

In his blog David Heslop writes: “October saw the biggest change of the year, eclipsing both Trumpton and Mayhem . . . So, collaborating with others, listening to the population, having foreign employees, providing good health and education facilities and getting employee representation on the board of companies are all possible whilst keeping everyone happy at the same time. What’s so difficult Mrs May?”




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