Save Our Bank – 2

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An update from Save Our Bank, building on the December post.

As the Ethical Consumer website says, “The aim of the Save Our Bank campaign is to keep the Co-op Bank ethical and return it to mutual ownership at the earliest possible opportunity”.

The Save Our Bank declaration on The Co-operative Bank’s Ethical Policy has been signed by fifteen organisations listed on the Amnesty website. Amnesty is a significant and long-standing customer of the bank, and has spoken out in support of the bank’s human rights leadership on a number of occasions. It is lending its weight (both moral and commercial) to the campaign to challenge these account closures. See Amnesty’s AGM page for more details.

At the annual general meeting of Amnesty International UK, with 88% in favour, a resolution was passed challenging the decision by the Co-op Bank to close the accounts of human rights organisations, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others.

Since the bank said in December that it was pausing account closures, there has been no report of further campaign groups having their accounts closed. The organisations affected are listed on the website and a close watch is being kept on the situation; supporters are asked to inform Save Our Bank if they hear of actual or proposed closures of any other legitimate campaigning, aid or support organisations at

It would be helpful to learn about any organisations that have not been asked to move – but that information would not be published.

We repeat the words of campaigner Shaun Fensom who said: “We believe ownership matters. Co-ops are a better, fairer and more democratic way of doing business. Along with most of our supporters, I want to see the Co-op Bank as a true co-operative, owned by its customers and employees.”

If you sign up to this campaign collective power can be used to influence what is going on. Already thousands have signed and the more there are, the more this voice will be heard.




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