Manchester’s worker co-operatives

Some time ago,  Paul Gosling wrote an article in the Co-operative News citing the Village Greens Co-operative as one of the new start co-operatives in keeping with the spirit of the Rochdale Pioneers:

village greens logo“The most obvious parallel with the initial founding enterprise of the co-operative movement can be felt, I think, in the Village Greens Co-operative in Prestwich in Greater Manchester. It is one of the youngest and most impressive co-operatives, with a shop that is strikingly clean, with a modern decor and a strong stock range of wholefoods, fruit, vegetables, drinks and organic meats. It is structured as a consumer co-operative, which has more than 400 investing members as well as two full-time workers, four part-timers and six casual staff”.

“Founder member Rachel Getliffe explains: “[It is] one member one vote, members can have a real say in shaping the shop, how we operate and how the profits are spent, they can receive an interest rate or dividends when we are in profit. This is here for our community because they wanted it and gave us their support – we had the idea, but we couldn’t have done it without them.”

village greens personnelVillage Greens’ details were added to the other worker co-operatives listed in the directory on this website.The following nine Manchester entries were found there, in addition to four more high-profile, long-established worker co-ops in the city:

Tree Station, Greater Manchester, provides a range of wood-related services

Build for Change, steel and wood products, Manchester, 0161 227 9787

Stitched Up, repairing clothes, reclaiming and reusing fabrics, Manchester,

Green Gold Diesel, biodiesel filling station, Manchester 0845 373 2769

Bicycle Doctor, sales , Manchester, 0161 224 1303

Limited Resources, delivering fresh organic food, Manchester area, 0161 226 4777

Eighth Day, vegetarian co-op, Manchester, 0161 273 4878

Accessible Acupuncture, low cost treatment, Manchester, 07590 903714

Work for Change, letting/managing work-space, Manchester, 0161 226 7696

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One Response to Manchester’s worker co-operatives

  1. admin says:

    Roger Sawtell, founder member of Daily Bread Co-operative in 1976, by email:

    “Thanks for the list of Manchester co-ops. I think this is a significant future for co-operative development- thousands of small businesses, either worker or consumer co-ops. E.F.Schumacher would be delighted! Eighth Day is presumably the follow on from On The Eighth Day which has been going for over 40 years, I think. Longer than Daily Bread Co-op which has just reached 40 years from the registration date under I&PS Act. I expect you know about ‘Working Together:Recording and preserving the heritage of the worker’s co-op movement’. The key person for the archive project is Andrew Bibby,“.

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