Social Co-operatives Development Forum

Pat Conaty writes:

pat conaty 3Good to see this material on the Italian model. I have been working with Co-operatives UK and the Wales Co-operative Centre over the past two years to work out ways to introduce their revolutionary multi-stakeholder co-op model here.

The Italian model has been adapted and replicated in Quebec since 1994 and in Japan by the Seikatsu Food co-ops. The growth rates of innovative co-ops in both countries is striking.

He sent a link to a Guardian article, a web page at Co-operatives UK and one to the report on Social Co-operatives launched last July in Cardiff by Ed Mayo.

Pat adds that there is a Social Co-operatives Development Forum now meeting regularly in Cardiff and something similar is needed in England, though the laws with respect to social care in each country are different.

The Forum had an inaugural meeting in London in February and the second meeting will be held in Birmingham on 7th May. There is growing grassroots interest in advancing the Italian model here.

More about Pat’s earlier work here:

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