Daily Bread Co-operative to launch online shopping website

A lead from the  Co-operative News sent the writer to the website of Northampton-based wholesome food co-operative Daily Bread, which recently launched its fairly sourced foods online.

daily bread online gathering

A high profile event was organised to mark the occasion, with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, visiting the Daily Bread co-operative on July 26th 2013 to cut the red ribbon.

Concerned co-operator Roger Sawtell (in the blue shirt) is one of the original founders of Daily Bread, who helped to establish the organisation back in 1980. Daily Bread holds fast to its original principles:

  • equal pay for all,
  • employment for the more vulnerable members of its community,
  • ethical foods and
  • a commitment to sourcing local as well as global produce.

All Daily Bread profits are reinvested into the business or donated to the co-operative’s own international charity, ‘Strive Overseas’, which funds small projects, often in the countries Daily Bread sources foods.

Roger Sawtell, who helped the co-operative to grow from selling 100 to over 5,000 product lines, said: “Our whole ethos, right from the start, has been to put people before profit. We are proud to have steadily built and grown this co-operative which is not only an integral part of Northampton and the Midlands but will now be available for the whole country to enjoy.”

daily bread 1In conversation with John Clarke, the elected manager of the co-op’s team of 30

Daily Bread is committed to sourcing only the best foods, both locally and from around the world. Minimal and simply designed packaging reflects the cooperative’s environmental concerns and puts the focus on the content. Products include dates from Iran, sultanas from Turkey, olives and oil from Greece, prunes, raisins and nuts from the USA, Fairtrade coffee from women’s co-operatives in Peru, Nicaragua and Uganda, as well as local Northamptonshire honey, and smoked garlic.

Read more here: http://www.dailybread.co.uk/news


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