Jonathon Porritt: ‘Companies, Co-operatives and Capitalism in 2050’

JP book coverIn his latest book, Jonathon Porritt portrays the future through the words of Alex McKay, a history teacher, who looks back from to see how we got from where we are now to that world in 2050.

Passages (from pages 54-56), scanned for readers of this website, open:

“Governments the world over introduced new legislation to incentivize the growth of socially beneficial forms of enterprise – employee share-ownership companies,  customer stock-ownership schemes, co-operatives, community interest companies and social enterprises – all of which had previously just rubbed along as the economy’s poor relations when the world was still dominated by unaccountable multinationals . . .

“The other real winner was the global co-operative movement. In the 2010s this movement was often described as a sleeping giant, in that it was already huge in terms of the number of people and organizations involved, but still largely invisible. In 2012, for instance, there were 1.5 million cooperative enterprises around the world, employing more than 100 million people, with more than a billion members and a turnover of several trillion US dollars. Three times as many people were ‘member owners’ of a co-op than were individual shareholders of listed companies . . .

“There are now around 450 million people working in co-operatives of one kind or another, and the success of the co-operative movement is one of the game-changing shifts that has altered the entire profile of the global economy.”

Read summarised points here and for more information go to

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