Bristol Plumbing: as a reader wrote recently: “good to get optimistic news of smaller cooperatives”

bristol plumbing co-op logoBristol Plumbing Co-operative was formed in 2011. It offers a range of plumbing and central heating services and also advises clients on environmentally friendly products.

The co-operative has three members; two are employed full time as plumbers and one who works part time as an administrator. The two plumbers met last year at a training course while both in the process of changing careers, and decided to set up the co-operative.

Money from Co-operative & Community Finance is being used to buy new, better quality tools, purchase stock and pay back money loaned to the co-operative from one of its members to buy a van. It will also pay for training sessions with accounting software.

Craig Lea, one of the founders of Bristol Plumbing Co-operative, said: “Our strength lies in the fact that we are a co-operative. We are all equals, and that makes our business better and more efficient.

Bristol Plumbing is now hoping to take on several trainees from their local college. The members are looking ahead to the future, and eventually hope to expand their business into developing low cost, energy efficient housing in Bristol.

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