Co-op Group too big to love and trust

Co-ops fortnight header

When concerned co-operator Brid Coady-Weekes got the Co-operative Fortnight message sent to members she tried to respond online to the Co-operatives UK email asking us to show our love and trust of Co-ops.

She continues:

“My point was that the Group was not worthy of this and the big reason is that they have become too big.

“Of course this suits a few people whose remuneration has grown as a result but it has been alienating members and now it seems making a sad mess of the Group, especially the Bank.

“Great to know that small coops are thriving and I hope that the independent societies in the Co-operative movement will continue to do so. News from some of them, especially Lincoln Co-op, has been heartening.

“I tried to send this email but was not allowed to do so by the email server.”

She ended:

“Vivat real co-operatives!”


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