Co-operative Social Care

David Smith’s press release:

An ageing population and a squeeze on Local Authority budgets challenge us all to find new ways to provide care and support for older people. Private commercial provision is not the only alternative.

Co-operatives have a long tradition in Wales and we can now develop a co-operative model for social care. Service users, service providers and local community stakeholders could all be members in a Social Co-operative. This is a model for the provision of social services which is well established in other parts of the world including Quebec and Italy. It provides the affordable quality services people need whilst also protecting workers and community interests.

Social Care Workshop

Con Co care2 co-opsInternational expert John Restakis (past Executive Director, British Columbia Co-operative Association) will be discussing the National Co-op Elder Care Project being developed with support from the Canadian Federal Government and using a social franchising model. Also, come to learn about work being undertaken in Newport to establish the first UK social care co-operative.

Numbers are limited and attendance will be confirmed before 25 June to help secure a balanced audience. Please register your interest at

Note: a number of care co-ops are listed here.


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