“The co-operative funeral bond is the best investment you will ever make”


Concerned co-operators express reservations about some practice from time to time, but welcome good news. Seldom mentioned  – apart from references to profits made – is the funeral service.

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We have had good feedback about the independent Midlands Co-operative Society Funeral Services. This came to mind when – some time ago – Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme focussed on the question, “Can you have a dignified cut-price funeral?

It failed to mention one excellent service: the Co-operative Funeral Bond. As the MCS website explains, rising cemetery and cremation fees have led to a dramatic increase in funeral costs in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue.

Those who take out a funeral bond plan and pay in advance avoid these increases and spare relatives and/or friends the expense and the task of organising.

MC Funeral services shirley The local experience of this service has been very good indeed, with every care taken to ensure a plan which meets the wishes of the individual concerned.

There is a wide range of offers, from the simplest and least expensive through a range of options to the most elaborate  – carriage and plumed horses.

As the former MCS Members’ Relations Officer once said “The co-operative funeral bond is the best investment you will ever make – I took one out years ago.”


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