Another well-run worker co-operative

zed books logo

Founded in 1977 under the name Zed Press, Zed Books is a co-operative managed by its worker-directors, without any shareholders. An independent non-fiction book publishing company based in London, it publishes around 60 books per year for a global audience of students, academics, activist and general readers.

Zed Books describes itself as “a critical and dynamic publisher, committed to increasing awareness of important international issues and to promoting diversity, alternative voices and progressive social change”.

Subjects covered include Africa, Asia, Development, Economics, Environment, Gender, Geography, Health and Medicine, History, robert moltenoInternational Relations, Latin America, Middle East, Politics, Sociology and Social Policy.

Robert Molteno, the able publisher/managing editor of Zed Books for 27 years, is now focussing on research and writing his family’s history.

For up-to-date news, articles, reviews and events information visit its website:

See directory of worker co-ops here:


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