Dispute about the account of the Birmingham Dairy concern

With reference to https://concernedcooperators.wordpress.com/articles/the-sale-of-birmingham-dairy-2005/

Dave Roberts:

As a board member at the time I cannot accept that there was no opportunity to ask questions.

I chaired the meeting at Derby and no questions on the dairy were raised and whilst I accept that the AGM is de facto held in Birmingham I do not believe that the opportunity to ask questions was withheld.

Barbara Panvel:

This was not written on hearsay. I attended the Birmingham AGM with five farmers supplying the Birmingham Dairy. The AGM went through at considerable speed with no opportunity to ask questions without barracking. The farmers would have preferred to ask their question in public but were too polite to interrupt.

Therefore, as others left for the refreshment tables, we approached the desk and officers, of whom I believe you were one*.

When the farmers said they had heard rumours of an uncertain future for the dairy all the officers looked innocently bewildered and one said that enquiries would be made and we would be informed of the outcome. No subsequent information was received.

About three days later the decision to close down the Dairy was announced.

* Researched: the officer was not Dave but John Roberts .

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