An invitation which will be accepted: it will help the movement to live up to its principles


Edgar Parnell writes about the launch of his new website: Member-controlled Enterprise at The site aims to:

  • Foster a better understanding of member-controlled enterprise in all of its many different forms
  • Advocate the idea that a single enterprise model underlies all forms of member-controlled enterprise
  • Promote a widespread knowledge of the member-controlled enterprise model
  • Provide a resource for all those teaching, lecturing, advising and operating in the field of member-controlled enterprise

Edgar is convinced that if we are to substantially expand the member-controlled sector we need a single enterprise model, which is understood by ordinary members and the wider public, and which becomes embedded within the education system.

He would welcome feedback and it was good to read that co-operator David Smith in South Wales is already using the information.


A second message conveyed Edgar’s thanks for an inspiring level of support and for all the really useful points of guidance provided. He has made some minor changes to the website immediately but some of the issues about tighter editing and overall design will take a little longer to implement.

He will respond to those needing a specific reply as soon as he can and asks readers to keep comments and suggestions flowing.

Those who have not yet found time to visit Member-controlled Enterprise are encouraged to do so soon and let Edgar have your feedback. Just go to . . .

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