Social Co-operatives: A New Model of Social Care in Wales

Newport Co-operators and Wales Progressive Co-operators, which is a branch of the National Federation of Progressive Co-operators, both believe that social care co-operatives are an important part of the mix because the co-operative model champions ethical values and principles as well as economic success through self-reliance. (Some  care co-operatives listed here.)

They have published Social Co-operatives: A New Model of Social Care in Wales and invite readers to read and directly comment on their document, paragraph by paragraph, by going to David Smith advises that it will be easier if you register first by clicking on the red Register button, and then log-in at the site.

If you use Facebook, you can click on the blue Facebook “Sign In” button. A Facebook page has also been set up at  for ‘Cymru/Wales Progressive Co-operators’  (or search for cymru wales prog)

Feed back will welcomed and will contribute to evidence which Wales Progressive and Newport Co-operators will be submitting to the Wales Government’s Co-operative and Mutual Commission.

Enquiries to David Smith: Wales Progressive Co-operators & Newport Co-operators
(01633) 266781

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