Is the Co-operative Group putting profit before people? No, just putting its members’ and customers’ needs first

A factual account of the Premier Foods’ closure was posted on Our Birmingham’s website as being of considerable local relevance. Its focus was concern for the re-employment of the workers and it did not ask whether the Co-op was putting profit before people but attracted a comment which appeared to have been destined for this website.

As the recipient domain did not recognise the writer’s email address, it was not posted.  A Google search indicated that the points were made – possibly – by a Co-op employee, though the name was quite common.

However as it was an informative comment it is being posted here and might ease the minds of the many who read the earlier article on this site:

Retailers chop and change own label contracts all the time and from what I am aware Premier has held the own label contract for nearly 20 years. That seems a reasonable timeframe for a supplier to enjoy a contract.

Had Premier not put all its eggs in one basket, this closure wouldn’t have occurred. It seems that it’s a bit unfair to blame the Co-op when it’s just another case of a business not being able to cope without the volume.

Let’s be clear too, not all Premier productions sites are closing as a result, it’s just the one. Businesses close distribution centres and reopen them where the need exists. This is just another example of having to adjust your plans as a result of change.

The Co-op will put its members’ and customers’ needs first. I imagine that Allied were able to tick all the boxes. They should be given a crack of the whip if they can do the job for a better price and ensure the Co-op’s stipulation of British wheat in loaves is guaranteed. 19 years’ run is a massive timeframe for a contract these days. Most get renewed at much shorter intervals.

I do hope in future that the writer will give a working email address.

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