Concern about Co-op shift rota

In August this message was received from a reliable correspondent:
“I was told today by a friend employed by the co-op in my area, Cumbria, that it has changed its staff administration system and employees are now given shifts without regard to their personal needs.
“It means that though one is a member of an organisation (WI) one cannot get time off to go to committee meetings.
“Not only can one not have a proper social life, some mothers have had to give up their jobs.”
She ends:
“As the Co-op boasts its community and green credentials I am horrified”.
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One Response to Concern about Co-op shift rota

  1. Terri says:
      Ed: the email address given did not work, so this comment may- or may not – be authentic

    I have only found this website recently and on seeing this post, it does ring true.
    I work within a Co-Operative Food (ex Somerfield) branch and recall being told that staff would HAVE to start working shifts dictated to them by ‘Right For Us’ (a computerised labour management system) with little consideration given to personal circumstances. The last I heard is that this was put on hold whilst the Co-Op switched its focus on cutting as many hours as possible, in order to save as much money as possible (they have already started reviewing and removing daily tasks, some of which are critical to stock availabilty) and that this will be the way of things for the foreseeable future.

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