The Co-operative Group, Bill Gates and Texaco/Chevron oil . . a good time to heed Edgar Parnell’s latest message

The two following posts relate, in some degree, to Edgar Parnell’s email message, which is heard with the respect due to his wide experience and commitment to the co-operative movement. 

“If we can achieve a much wider understanding of the member-controlled enterprise model, then members should be in a much stronger position to take back control. 

“The proposed new Co-operatives Act could provide the opportunity to strengthen member-control. However, the danger is because the people holding the purse strings for the legal advisers on behalf of co-ops & mutuals are the professional managers, and they will be looking to simply allow for bigger and bigger co-ops that can pay bigger and bigger salaries. 

“We have a really big lobbying job to do to make sure that the outcome of any legal changes is to strengthen member-control.”

“Ian Snaith’s blog helped to clarify the ‘Cameron Bill’ for me. In due course, it is to be hoped that some real improvements will be made that will strengthen the rights of members and safeguard the stewardship aspect.” Please see: 

Vitally important points made include: 

  • Co-op members want an organization that can be trusted to do right 
  • The people running co-ops & mutuals often have their own agendas and place their personal interests ahead of those of the membership. 
  • The main concern should be with co-operative and mutual outcomes, rather than the processes.

Edgar’s website, expounding the member-controlled model of enterprise, is dedicated to helping improve the capacity of co-ops & mutuals to fulfil their purpose. 

Read the full message here.

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