Calling Miss Marple: another Co-operative mystery . . .

The mystery surrounding the exit of Richard Samson has been read by many on this website. 

Now we read in the Co-op news, that “a dispute over governance and strategic issues within Chelmsford Star Co-operative has led to the President and Vice-president of the society, Maurice Austin and Chris Fegan, being relieved of their positions following a board vote. 

“As the News went to press, Mr Austin and Mr Fegan resigned as directors ahead of a board meeting, which was due to consider removing them from the board of directors.” 

What has happened since all was rosy in August 2011? 

We read that Maurice Austin was selected as candidate for a seat on Essex County Council, standing as a Labour and Co-operative candidate and won 8.9% of the vote. 

Is this connected? 

Why aren’t these events reported in an above-board manner?

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4 Responses to Calling Miss Marple: another Co-operative mystery . . .

  1. peter baker says:

    Essex Chronicle interested in this send info please

    where’s the reference ion coop news could not find on line?

  2. admin says:

    Peter, click on the links and you will be led to articles in a Norwich paper and the Co-op News.

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