Mischievous comments?

The site earlier received two comments making serious allegations against the Co-operative Legal Services from a correspondent who has not replied to queries.
Had we published them at best the info could have been discredited and the site would appear unreliable – at worst there could have been legal action.
The following comment has caused concern because a query to the eaddress given has been returned:
Delivery to the following recipient failed.
Because the content makes a fair comment it is being published. However no confirmation can be found online that David Cook Abbott and Maria McGettigan have left their society.

New comment waiting approval on Concerned Co-operators

  Mo Jones commented on What is Richard Samson’s status now?What is going on at the East of England Co-op?

Why are members of the Management Executive leaving the Society? First Richard Samson, then David Cook Abbott and Maria McGettigan.

If there are problems the board needs to be more open and stop being so secretive about whatever the issues are, for the good of the Society.

They have now lost three exceptional and talented Members of the executive team which must be bad news for the East of England Co-op.

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