The development of the co-operative movement has great potential – Tony Benn

Some thoughts from Tony Benn’s Salter Lecture in Canterbury, organised by the Quaker Socialist Society – August 2011 


Tony Benn opened by remarking on the size of the huge crowd gathered to listen to him. He thought that this reflected the fact that there are a lot of people in Britain who are beginning to question the society in which we live and worry about the future and how it’s going to be tackled.  


“Then you had of course the development of the cooperative movement which, as an alternative to capitalist ownership has great potential, because it does mean that the people who work in it do control it. They share the profits and share the objectives, and are an alternative to competitive capitalism. I think the cooperative movement has an enormous part to play, and I would like to see it able to do so.  . .  out of this type of cooperation you get better equality of income, and when you look at the enormous billions paid out in the profits to the banks, compared to what the banks pay their own employees, you realise that equality is a fundamental requirement of a fair society.  


Read the rest of the post and find a link to the Co-op–friendly Quaker Socialist Society here.

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