What is Richard Samson’s status now?

In January, the Norwich Evening News announced that East of England Co-op Chief Executive Richard Samson had ‘quit’ his post and would be on a period of leave prior to his departure. 

John Pendle, president of the East of England Co-operative Society gave no reason for his departure.

The paper appealed for information, giving contact numbers. 

The Co-operative News noted in May: 

“Richard Samson, who has been on “leave of absence” from the society since December 11th last year, is now on extended ‘gardening leave’ until the end of this year — at a cost of £450,000 to his employers. 

“The society’s annual report makes no mention of Mr Samson’s contribution in his near five years as chief officer; nor does it refer to him as Chief Executive or former CEO. However a brief three-line statement states: “Richard Samson is leaving the society on 30th December, 2011, and has been on leave of absence since 11th December, 2010.” 

This secrecy does not reflect well on the co-operative movement.

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