Let’s hear it for the Co-operative News!

The Co-operative News is the oldest co-operative newspaper in the world celebrating 140 years of continuous publication in September 2011. 

Readers appreciate the Letters column with outspoken contributions from members all over the country which offer ideas and tributes – also revealing the shortcomings which brought this website into being. They should be accessible online . . .

Dave Bowman’s interesting and constructive editorials, educative and thought-provoking columns by Paul Gosling and those from Kevin McGrother and Susan Press, which inform and cheer, are greatly appreciated. 

The least pleasing features to most readers of this site will be the reports of corporate performance, because they are not (yet) leavened by concern for genuine co-operative scrutiny and governance. 

Readers who value such information and can spare funds are urged to consider becoming members of the News Co-operative by buying a share. There is no mechanism for doing this online but Geraldine Birtwhistle geraldine@thenews.coop would send a membership form. 

Do look at the redesigned website, now sub-titled ‘The Global News Hub for Co-operatives’ for which I understand much credit is due to assistant editor, Anthony Murray.

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