James Robertson commends ‘Britain’s return to co-operation’

James Robertson’s experience in Whitehall,  management consultancy and systems analysis, then setting up and directing the Inter-Bank Research Organisation for the British banks, later extended to independent writing and consultancy and adviser on alternative futures and economic and social change – and activism according to Wikipedia! It was good to read the following commendation in the latest issue of his widely read newsletter:

THE UK CO-OPERATIVE ECONOMY: Britain’s return to co-operation, 2011. Click on the link above and then download this 23-page report.

“It has been a year of resilience and growth for the co-operative sector in 2011. … From those responsible for establishing national policy, to villagers wishing to take control of their own shops and services, the co-operative sector is being turned to.”

There is much good news in this report. And I believe that many more people will join the co-operative movement and set up co-operative enterprises, when we become free not to have to use money which has been created as debt, on which interest has to be paid and which eventually has to be repaid itself.

Ed Mayo is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK. Click here to read his 12 July comments on the opportunity the UK government is giving to co-operatives and mutuals to bid for and deliver public services. His blog can be read here – http://edmayo.wordpress.com

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