Members complaints ignored? Staff pressured? Only one avenue open . . .

Neville Cox, after reading about the CLS, replied:

I’m not surprised at no response to complaints about the organisation. I experienced this when I tried to raise opposition to United Co-op selling off all Yorks Co-ops department stores*, Sunwin House.

They ignored my letters and when I tried to raise 100 signatures for a special meeting all staff were told they must not sign any such letter.

The only way I got my point of view across was the Co-op News who raised its head above the parapet. They received some serious criticism I believe but they were honest.

Co-op principles are forgotten when there is  personal gain, or when the establishment realise they have made a mistake but won’t admit it.

* For readers new to the subject some information on a forum – 2009:

Until very recently, Sheffield had 3 or 4 department stores, with Sheffield Co-operative Society (SCS) competing directly against United Co-op who traded as Sunwin. Sheffield Co-op was merged into United Co-op in 2006 (with the promise of 0 SCS job losses) who then merged with the national Co-op (who proceeded to sack any SCS staff they could). The department stores finally closed in early 2008.

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