Unaddressed problems prompt whistleblowing in the workplace

Response from the Cooperative Group awaited

There has been some interest in the article about the Co-operative  Legal Services but as yet no response from the Co-operative Group. The author writes:

Choosing to ignore concerns?

“I wonder if the Group are aware of my concerns but choose to ignore them, and are somehow warning people off contacting me, whilst quietly hoping that I will go away.

“I was very surprised that I did not receive any feedback from central HR about the content of my leavers’ feedback form, which was pretty damning.

Is CLS merely a money-making business?

“I am even more surprised that to date I have received no substantive response to my concerns from Group level, which says to me that, as CLS is a business making money, there is nobody at head office level who will pick this up and deal with it. They are probably all too concerned with their own agendas and balance sheets.

“This I feel goes to the very root of what the Concerned Co-operators are trying to raise.

Is its ethical stance, which it trades on, a total sham?

“At first I thought it would be worth alerting the Co-operative Group that a few bad eggs appeared to have crept in, as I believed they would want to do what was right. But now I am beginning to wonder about the whole Group, and sadly, I see its ethical stance, which it trades so keenly upon, as a total sham.

“I do believe that its values are admirable but resent having taken the job on the strength of this only to find that it unravelled as soon as I arrived.”

In many walks of life, employees who see serious wrongs in their workplace are taking action – often at considerable cost to themselves. See recent cases and some resources available to such people here.

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