Launch of a co-operative: the West Midlands Regional Hub for THE BIG GREEN BOOK

Co-operator Malcolm Currie sends news of the launch of the West Midlands Regional Hub for THE BIG GREEN BOOK, which brings local and environmentally friendly small businesses together. 

THE BIG GREEN BOOK is a rapidly expanding national network, opening up a whole range of community linked operations such as the million tree planting programme. 

The event will take place at on 21 May at Top Barn Farm. 


“Next year, 2012, is the UN Year of the Co-operative. In establishing the regional HUB as a co-operative, we are able to cut costs and share outputs. 

“Our first venture is the production of BIODIESEL from waste cooking oil (WVO). 

“Using the co-operative format means that we are able to share the costs of production and thereby significantly increase the chances of commercial success. 

“We shall collaborate with the CSV community based project for the recycling of domestic WVO. Community and Business can learn from each other in promoting sustainable communities. 

Contact Malcolm Currie

0121 523 6682

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