The calm before the storm

Anthony Murray’s article about the launching of the logo for the UN Year of Co-operatives [2012] can be read on the website of the News or UNGA-Link.

An excellent article by Professor David Bailey about the Coventry Building Society will follow.

Next week, however, there will be a very disturbing account of a reader’s experience working as a young solicitor in the probate operation of the Co-operative’s Legal Services business (“CLS”) at Aztec West in Bristol, which will remind us why we are indeed ‘concerned co-operators’.

Coventry is a model of bank diversity

By Professor David Bailey of Coventry University Business School, Coventry Telegraph, Apr 11 2011 

For more than 125 years, the Coventry Building Society has quietly got on with its business of being a mutual lender, enabling many people in Coventry and the region to achieve their dream of owning their own home, while offering good rates for savers.

This mutual approach delivered superior financial performance and value for members through the recent financial crisis. And unlike some other mutuals, like my own West Brom, the Coventry avoided getting sucked into dodgy commercial property investments.

Read the article here or on the Telegraph’s site.

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